REDUX EDIT #4: third impact

live preview 1 // live preview 2 // code

ahhh i’m finally releasing this one!! i’ve been holding it back for way too long and i feel bad because i’ve gotten multiple messages about it but IT’S FINALLY HERE!! so. here we go


general options:

  • 400px or 500px posts (be sure to only select one!!)
  • big or small sidebar
  • sidebar can be on the left or right
  • infinite scrolling (optional)
  • music player (optional)
  • rounded post/sidebar corners (optional)
  • post/sidebar shadows (optional)
  • eight extra navigation links (optional)
  • pixel font in footers (optional, if you uncheck this you can select your own font for the footers)
  • tags can be hidden or showing
  • can move the sidebar up or down

custom image options:

  • sidebar image ***automatically resizes to 138x138px if small sidebar, 200x200px if big sidebar*** (optional)
  • tiling background image (optional)
  • fixed image in bottom right or left, depending on where your sidebar is (optional)
  • banner image (optional)

color options:

  • background color
  • text color
  • link color
  • post/sidebar border color
  • ask background color
  • ask font color
  • footer color
  • footer border color
  • footer text color
  • icon link hover color

if you have any questions you can ask me and i’ll try my best to help!!